• Pivot & Swing Door

Pivot & swing closet doors provide full access

Pivot & Swing Door Line

Komandor’s Pivot and Swing door line is a pivot action door system which means the doors swing on hinges much like a cabinet door or a hinged interior door. The amount of protrusion into the room is equal to the width of the door, so a 20” wide door when opened 90 degrees, protrudes approximately 20” into the space.  While pivot or swing doors do protrude into a room, once the doors are opened, you have full access to the closet or cabinet space in behind. If your opening is 12”-24” wide, a single pivot door configuration may be used. For openings 24”-48” a double pivot door configuration may be used. Beyond 48”, we recommend choosing from any one of our bi-pass sliding door systems or bi-fold door systems.

Komandor pivot and swing doors are framed using either the LUX steel frame system, AGAT, ONYX or Lazuryt aluminum frame system. Choose your own handle to be installed on the door and give it a more personalized look. These frames also accommodates just about every insert material that we offer, choose from laminated panel inserts, mirror, back painted glass, frosted glass, Decorativo images or any number of other inserts that we offer. You may also decide to combine different materials (for example glass and panel) in the same door. You may specify the exact proportions of the sections of your door for a more personalized finished product, make them all equal or different heights. Decorative divider trims are another option and can be applied to an insert to give the appearance that the door has multiple sections or lites. The design possibilities for this system are limited only to your imagination.

Pivot and Swing Door System features:

  • Pivot operation
  • Steel or aluminum frames
  • Typical applications: Closet doors, cabinet doors
  • Single or double door configurations, opening left or right
  • Frame colors available depend on what frame is used (LUX, AGAT, ONYX or Lazuryt)
  • Custom, made to measure to the nearest millimeter on the height and width of your opening
  • High quality, patented pivot hinge system with magnetic lock



  • Maximum door height is 2750mm (108 1/4”)
  • Maximum width for a single door generally is 600mm (23 5/8”)
  • Minimum width for a single door generally is 300mm (11 3/4”)