• Column System

Komandor's Column System is a perfect fit for any home

Column System

Komandor column systems offers a perfect mix organization and modern design. The system uses aluminum posts instead of wood panels as supports for the shelves and cabinet boxes. The result is an open concept design that will not affect the spaciousness of your room. Posts may be anchored to the floor and ceiling, or posts can be cut and fitted on a 90 degree angle and fitted to the floor and rear wall. The system is fully custom in that drawer, shelving and hanging sections can be configured in a wide range of width, height and depth measurements. If you need to hide some items from view, add a drawer cabinet or cabinet box with doors. Let us show you how this systems can work for applications such as walk-in and reach-in closets, book cases, wardrobes and foyer storage.

Column System Features:

  • Main profiles (carrying posts) as well as under shelf profiles are made from extruded aluminum and anodized for durability
  • All structural components (shelves, drawer boxes) are made of 18 or 19mm (3/4”) thick laminate panel, 28mm (1 1/8”) is an option
  • Panels typically have an embossed woodgrain textured finish
  • Krono and Egger panels offer 2mm thick edgebanding for maximum durability
  • Steven’s and Grupo Alvic offer 1mm thick edgebanding
  • Closet sections are designed and manufactured to your exact specification to the nearest millimeter on the height, width and depth
  • Hanging sections can be single, ¾, double or triple hang, rods are typically fixed in place
  • Shelving sections typically have shelves fixed in place
  • Closet rods are oval shaped anodized aluminum rods
  • Drawers can be any width (up to 36”) or depth (up to 24”) and we offer 7 standard heights
  • Drawers have full extension slides as standard, undermount, soft-close as an upgrade
  • Sections are fully customizeable. You can have drawer and shelving combinations, hanging and shelving combinations, hanging and drawer combinations
  • There are many upgrades available, from handles to glass shelves and accessories such as belt racks, tie racks, valet rods etc.