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Wall Mount System Features

Komandor wall mount systems are designed to hang the closet organizer cabinet sections on a metal rail that is mounted to the wall of your closet. Wall mount systems are typically very utilitarian and provide storage solutions for a price lower than similar floor mount layouts. Wall mount systems can be sold at a lower price because they don’t use as much material and are faster to assemble and install. Further, wall mount systems are not affected by ceilings or floors that are not level or straight and baseboard moldings do not need to be removed during the installation process. Komandor wall mount systems are custom fit to your closet’s exact measurements.

Wall Mount System Features:

  • All structural components (gables, shelves, drawer boxes) are made of 18 or 19mm (3/4”) thick laminate panel
  • Panels typically have an embossed woodgrain textured finish
  • Krono and Egger panels offer 2mm thick edgebanding for maximum durability
  • Steven’s and Grupo Alvic offer 1mm thick edgebanding
  • Closet sections are designed and manufactured to your exact specification to the nearest millimeter on the height, width and depth
  • Hanging sections can be single, ¾, double or triple hang, adjustable and removable rods are also possible
  • Shelving sections typically have fully adjustable shelves
  • Closet rods are 25mm (1”) diameter chrome plated rods with matching flanges
  • Drawers can be any width (up to 24”) or depth (up to 14”) and we offer 7 standard heights
  • Drawers have full extension slides as standard, undermount, soft-close as an upgrade
  • Sections are fully customizeable. You can have drawer and shelving combinations, hanging and shelving combinations, hanging and drawer combinations
  • There are many upgrades available, from handles to accessories such as belt racks, tie racks, valet rods, chrome wire baskets etc.