• Create-A-Closet

Expand your closet space, with a Komandor custom solution


Don’t have a closet in a room or is the existing closet too small? With Komandor, you can create a closet by installing wall to wall, floor to ceiling sliding or bi-folding doors and fitting a custom closet organizer in behind. You can choose doors that have mirror or panel inserts or go with ultra-modern aluminum framed doors with frosted or back painted glass. The best part of this system is that we can install it in a day or two and you don’t have to go through the mess of constructing a closet space with wood frames and drywall.

Create-a-closet System Features:

  • All structural components (gables, shelves, drawer boxes) are made of 18 or 19mm (3/4”) thick laminate panel, 28mm (1 1/8”) and 50mm (2”) are options
  • Panels typically have an embossed woodgrain textured finish
  • Krono and Egger panels offer 2mm thick edgebanding for maximum durability
  • Steven’s and Grupo Alvic offer 1mm thick edgebanding
  • Closet sections are designed and manufactured to your exact specification to the nearest millimeter on the height, width and depth
  • Hanging sections can be single, ¾, double or triple hang and can generally be up to 1200mm (48”) wide. Adjustable and removable rods are also possible
  • Shelving sections typically have fully adjustable shelves and can generally be designed up to 120mm (48”) wide
  • Closet rods are 25mm (1”) diameter chrome plated rods with matching flanges
  • Drawers can be any width (up to 36”) or depth (up to 24”) and we offer 7 standard heights
  • Drawers have full extension slides as standard, undermount, soft-close as an upgrade
  • Sections are fully customizeable. You can have drawer and shelving combinations, hanging and shelving combinations, hanging and drawer combinations
  • There are many upgrades available, from lighting to handles to accessories such as belt racks, tie racks, valet rods, shoe racks, pants racks etc.
  • Komandor offers a huge assortment of door options and styles for this kind of installation