• Etude Bifold

Truly a unique Komandor custom closet door solution

Etude Bi-fold Doors

Komandor’s folding door system is unlike anything else on the market. The panels fold and stack against each other, so when you open the doors, you have access to almost the entire closet or wardrobe. When the doors are closed, they are flush fit. For a 2 panel system, the doors fold and stack either to the left or to the right, your choice. For a 4 panel system, 2 doors fold and stack to the left and 2 fold and stack to the right. For systems with more than 4 panels, the operation is the same as a 4 panel system however the middle panels fold and stack and then you can slide them to whichever side you wish.

Since the doors fold and stack outwards, there is some protrusion into the room however, the major benefit of this system is to give you the most amount of access and unobstructed view of your closet or wardrobe.  Folding door systems can be either framed or frameless and can accept the same types of inserts as our sliding door systems such as mirror, back painted glass, frosted glass, Decorativo images and laminated panel products.

Etude Bi-Fold System features:

  • Bi-folding operation
  • Aluminum frames, top and bottom tracks
  • Typical applications: Closet doors, cabinet doors
  • Optional joiner rails, option to install without a bottom guide, optional sliding bi-fold action
  • 1 frame color to choose from
  • When closed, all doors are flush and flat along the same line
  • Doors can have visible frames or can have a frameless appearance
  • Custom, made to measure to the nearest millimeter on the height and width of your opening
  • High quality roller hardware system ensures a whisper quiet and smooth sliding operation
  • Maximum door height is 2750mm (108 1/4”)
  • Maximum width for a single door wing generally is 1036mm (40 3/4”)
  • Minimum width for a single door wing generally is 600mm (24”)
  • Maximum width of opening for single length of track 5000mm (196 ¾”)