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Komandor's speciality inserts make for a truly unique look

Speciality Inserts

Acrylics and polymers

Acrylics and polymers are very versatile design materials and are very unique door insert materials. There are acrylic materials available in solid colors (Parapan) as well as acrylics that are impregnated with other materials such as wood veneers, metals, textiles or natural materials like leaves, reeds or ornamental grasses. Acrylics can be quite expensive, however the finished product is always astonishing.


Screen panels

These are simply inserts that have patterns cut through the panel to create a grill. There are a number of different patterns available, some traditional like a fleur-de-lis while others offer a more contemporary aesthetic. Sheets are typically made out of MDF, metal or aluminum.


Metal inserts

Metal inserts are typically aluminum sheet products that are adhered to a substrate (typically MDF) and put into a door frame. Metal inserts are unique because they can have patterns brushed into their surface, they can be hammered or stamped with a design that will give the insert a 3 dimensional look, they can also be painted, coated, anodized or etched to create a large number of effects. Much like HPL’s, metal inserts come in a huge assortment of decorative finishes.


Textured and sculpted wood panels

These inserts are typically made from raw MDF and have patterns or shapes milled into the face of the panel creating a 3 dimensional appearance. The panel is typically painted and depending on the thickness of the sheet, can be put into a frame or may be used with a frameless door system.


Bamboo and Rattan

Bamboo and rattan panel inserts are available as door insert materials. Bamboo inserts are available in 3 strip widths and a few stain finishes and rattan panel inserts offer the traditional rattan weave in a few stain finishes as well. Depending on the system you choose, these materials may be combined with other insert materials to create a truly unique door system.