• Slim Yoho

Quality & long term reliability

Slim Yoho

Like the Winnipeg line, the Slim Yoho system offers clients a less expensive aluminum framed sliding door option that still provides Komandor quality and long term reliability. The Slim Yoho door system is a bi-pass sliding door system which may be configured in double or triple track configurations.

There are 3 frame shapes for the Yoho system (Yoho 1,  Yoho 3, Multi Yoho). Each is slightly different from the next, with the face of the frame measuring anywhere from 25mm-35mm (about 1” – 1 3/8”) wide with finger pulls integrated into the frame. The Yoho frames offer a slightly heavier appearance that the Winnipeg system.

The Yoho system is typically used for doors with laminate panel as the insert material. Joiner rails are available with this system so it is possible to join different colors of panel when designing your door.

Slim Yoho System features:

  •  Bi-pass sliding operation
  • Aluminum frames, top and bottom tracks
  • Typical applications: Closet doors
  • Double and triple track configurations
  • 2 frame colors to choose from (Clear anodized, Champagne anodized)
  • Custom, made to measure to the nearest millimeter on the height and width of your opening
  • High quality, patented, anti-jump, self-lubricating bottom roll hardware system ensures a whisper quiet and smooth sliding operation
  • Maximum door height is 2700mm (106 1/4”)
  • Maximum width for a single door generally is 900mm (35 1/2”)
  • Maximum width of opening for single length of track 5500mm (216 ½”)