• Decorativo

Graphic and modern, your design our closet doors


Decorativo is one of our newest, most innovative and exciting products, it allows you to turn your closet, wardrobe or partition doors into an artistic design feature. You simply browse the image site www.fotolia.eu which has literally millions of images arranged into easy to navigate categories and choose your image. We will take the measurements of your door opening and will have your chosen image enlarged, formatted and printed to the required size. It is then applied to clear glass and then put into your door frames. The finished product is impressive and truly unique.


Decorativo doors can be designed such that the set of doors makes up a single image or, you can divide up each door into unequal sections and choose a few photos to create a collage effect.


Please visit Komandor’s showroom at 309 Horner Ave., Toronto to see some examples of Decorativo doors.