• Lumi

LUMI - Loft style door and glazing system


Functional and decorative internal glass panels, adapted to the individual design. Acting as a dividing door or space separation into separate zones without restricting light. An aluminum framed system, available in a matte black or natural anode (silver) finish; inserts can be with glass (transparent, frosted, coloured) or wood panels, optically enlarges the interior and provides additional light and soundproofing.

Glazing with sliding doors – single or double aluminum sliding doors, inserted with glass or wood panel, can be divided horizontally and vertically with decorative trims. In combination with stationary glass panels or internal screens, they can give the space an industrial feel.

Glazing with hinged doors – fixed glass partitions with swing aluminum framed doors dividing the space into independent zones. Any solutions with the use of hinged door in combination with upper or side borrowed light windows create uniqueness with a Parisian twist.

Internal screens – glazed internal screens with mullions, functioning as subtle partition walls. They provide additional light, soundproofing and optically enlarge the interior, giving the space separate functions.

Door in a frame – a single, hinged door in a frame with a handle. The variety of horizontal and vertical mullions and insert options allows the door to be adapted to all needs, giving the interior swing door a loft look.