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  • As the leader in custom interior millwork, Komandor Closets and Doors has the experience necessary to: design, manufacture, install and service everything from sliding closet doors and Murphy beds to built-in living room cabinetry, walk-in closets and glass office fronts. Below, please find answers to many of the questions we receive daily. And while we may not have answered all of your questions below, Komandor's design professionals are always available, feel free to contact us or better yet, stop by our Toronto showroom for a free design consultation.

Our specialists are always available to answer your questions

General Questions
Komandor closets and cabinetry are produced from ¾” thick, environmentally friendly European laminate panels that come in a wide assortment of colors and the textured finishes rival most high end veneers. Match this with our standard 2mm thick edge finish and the result is a truly custom, high-end, very durable product that will add value to your home.
Our factory showroom is located at 863 Rangeview Road, Mississauga, Ontario and is open Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm, Saturdays 10:00am - 3:00pm (excluding holidays).
We do work with developers. Our estimating department can review your blueprints, make Komandor product recommendations and provide you with a price quotation on your next project, large or small.
Komandor has proudly been in business in Canada since 2002.
We are a proud Canadian company, employing Canadians, producing Canadian product. All of our products are manufactured in Toronto at our factory at 863 Rangeview Road, Mississauga, ON.
Pricing / Financing & Warranty
A project’s cost is dependent on a design’s layout, material selection, added accessories and additional work such as patching or painting. Rest assured though, there are no hidden costs as our computer quotation program provides highly detailed quotes that eliminate any guesswork.
Design and estimates are typically provided at no cost or obligation to purchase. Estimates for very large complicated projects requiring a large investment of design time may require a design fee which is applied to your order if you choose to proceed with the purchase.
While our products carry a 10 year unlimited parts and service warranty when installed by a qualified Komandor specialist, they are engineered for a lifetime of trouble free use.
Upon order, we require a 50% deposit payment with the balance 50% due on completion of the job. Payment may be made by Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, HBC, Cash or Cheque.
In the unlikely event that your product requires service, simply contact our office and we will schedule a person for a service call.
Measurements, material selection and design layout are the basic elements required for a quote. This information can be determined with a site meeting or can be provided by the client for the purposes of an estimate. While our designers do most of the work, the more information and detail you can provide to our designer about how you envision your project turning out, the better your expectations will be matched with the finished product.
Project design and price estimation is done with Komandor Designer, a powerful CAD/CAM computer program that takes the guesswork out of this process.
We offer assembly and installation service for everything we sell. Our assembly crews are factory trained, experienced and have the right tools for every job.
Komandor hardware is manufactured by Komandor SA., a company based in Poland whose high quality hardware is distributed in 40 countries. From roll formed steel to extruded aluminum products, stamped steel products to injection molded products, Komandor SA’s world class production facility is the heart of the Komandor brand all over the world.
Komandor sliding doors are among the smoothest and quietest sliding doors in the business. We have a large assortment of frame styles, insert materials and colors to choose from so we can provide a product that matches your aesthetic needs exactly and comes in on budget. Your doors will be custom manufactured to your opening’s exact specifications and you will enjoy your Komandor doors for a lifetime of maintenance free use.
Komandor closet organizers and cabinetry are custom designed and manufactured to your project’s exact specifications. We use top quality materials and can maximize the storage capacity of just about any area of the home. Our quick lead times, professional installation crews and dedication to 100% customer satisfaction will make you pleased you chose Komandor!
Closets need to be cleared out, old shelving removed, walls patched or painted if necessary. Most clients take care of this themselves although we can provide this service at an added cost. Baseboards typically remain in place, our installers will remove or trim them as needed (or not at all at the client’s request). Any modifications or additions to plumbing or electrical service need to be done in advance by licensed trades people.
Door fillers are the materials that are put into the frame of a door. They can be mirror, glass (frosted, painted, clear), laminate panel or a host of other specialty products.
We are the specialists in custom closet, cabinetry and door solutions. Your Komandor product will be design and manufactured to the nearest millimeter on the height, width and depth specification.
The quotation process can take an hour or so for a set of sliding doors up to a few days for complex designs or whole home estimates. From the date of order though, lead times are typically 2-6 weeks to install.