• Painted Glass

Painted glass easy maintenance & high-style

Painted Glass

Back painted glass is simply clear glass that is painted with a baked on enamel finish on one side. The effect that it creates is a perfectly smooth, high gloss finish on one side that is very easy to clean and is very durable. Komandor stocks a wide variety of colors of back painted glass and if you don’t see something that is exactly what you need, a color matching service is available. Just give us your paint chip or paint manufacturer and the paint code and we will match your glass door inserts to your wall color.  Back painted glass is well suited to closet and cabinet door products and has been gaining popularity in the design community for such applications. In terms of safety, back painted glass is usually fitted with safety backing or if the application does not allow safety backing, the glass is tempered.

Please visit Komandor’s showroom at 863 Rangeview Rd., Mississauga to see some examples of doors with different types of painted glass inserts.