• Aurora

Aluminum partitions for any space

Aurora partition system

The Aurora partition system by Komandor is line of products that allows you to divide a large open space into rooms, corridors or office space by building walls out of aluminum and glass. A favored product by architects, Aurora allows the creation of these partitions walls while maintaining privacy and light transmission if necessary.

The Aurora line of products provides a custom solution that is cost effective because there is no need to frame or drywall additional bulkheads or walls in preparation of installing this system. The panels are manufactured in our factory and simply fastened to each other and structurally secured within the room. The process is quick and easy.

Aurora System features:

  • Divide a large open space into multiple rooms of whatever dimension you choose
  • Additional construction work such as wall framing, drywall, trim carpentry are not necessary
  • Ability to install the system in rooms with suspended (T-bar) ceilings
  • Wall panels can meet on 90 degree angles or can be angled to create many configuration options
  • Hardware allows for height and level adjustability
  • Potential to run electrical wiring, sockets and switches in certain profiles
  • Aluminum sliding doors (AGAT, ONYX, Lazuryt, Sapphire or Studio) may be used at the entry points to the rooms. Maximum sliding door width is 1100mm or 43 ¼”. A soft close option is available.
  • Framed or frameless hinged swing doors can be used at the entry point, can be 600mm–900mm (approx.. 24”-36”) wide. Hinge doors have a lockset option.
  • All panels and doors are custom, made to measure to your project’s specifications
  • Wall panel sections can use glass (tempered/laminated clear, frosted, painted), laminate panel, mirror, acrylic etc. or combinations of glass and panel in the proportion you specify
  • Fire safety and acoustic tests have been carried out and data is available
  • Maximum wall panel height is 3500mm (137 3/4)
  • Maximum width for a single wall panel is 1100mm (43 1/4”)