• Aero

A frameless solution


Aero is different than all other Komandor systems because it does not have a frame. Its frameless construction offers customers a unique aesthetic while still providing a rigid door that performs as well as our framed door products. Aero systems use the same patented anti-jump, self-lubricating bottom roll hardware system as our framed doors so they glide smoothly quietly and are just as reliable. The Aero system by Komandor is a bi-pass sliding door system which may be configured in double or triple track configurations. Single door configuration is typically a barn door application where the door slides along a wall. Double and triple door configurations are typically used in door openings such as closet door openings.

Aero doors are typically only made of wood (laminate) panel. Since this system does not have a frame, there are no joiner rails or trims so it is not possible to make a door with sections made out of different materials. The Aero system can also have handles or finger pulls routed into the face of the door or along the sides of the door.

Komandor Aero system’s rollers hardware is completely hidden within the wood panel and the fastening of the roller hardware is invisible. This gives the door a finished look on the front and back side of the which means it can be used as a room divider or partition.

Aero System features:

  • Bi-pass sliding operation or barn door operation
  • Frameless system, aluminum top and bottom tracks
  • Typical applications: Closet doors, room partitions, room dividers
  • Optional soft close mechanism, flush-mount concealable bottom tracks
  • Single, double and triple track configurations
  • Custom, made to measure to the nearest millimeter on the height and width of your opening
  • High quality, patented, anti-jump, self-lubricating bottom roll hardware system
  • Quiet and smooth sliding operation



  • Maximum door height is 2750mm (108 1/4”)
  • Maximum width for a single door generally is 1200mm (47 1/4”)
  • Minimum width for a single door generally is 400mm (15 ¾”)
  • Maximum width of opening for single length of track 5000mm (196 ¾”)
  • Accepts engineered panels (hollow core or honeycomb) 29-38mm thick (1 1/8” – 1 ½”)