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  • Glass Office Partitions Maximize Light
    May 20, 2017

    To Maximize Daylight, Glass Office Partitions are the Best Choice.

    Glass office partitions are best to divide office space. Komandor’s office partitions are made in Toronto and are of the best quality. Glass office partitions allow contractors, architects and designers to quickly divide office space. Using glass office partitions to divide interior space is less expensive than a traditional renovation.

    Komandor recently worked with a Toronto architect to complete an office renovation. It was very important to the architect to divide their client’s office space without reducing the amount of natural light in the office. The project required the installation of glass partitions. Some people refer to office partitions as demountable walls, architectural walls or demountable office fronts.

    THE SOLUTION: Komandor’s Aurora Partition System.

    Komandor modified the Aurora system to maximize the use of glass, giving the glass office partition a light feel. The office partitions were framed in aluminum with wood accents. The finished product surpassed the client’s expectations and the architect’s design. There office was divided effectively while maximizing the amount of natural light in the offices.


    Project Features

    System: Aurora Office Partition System

    Project Schedule:  14-days

    Challenges: Working in a occupied office environment.