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  • 4 Refreshing Sliding Door Design Ideas for Remodeling
    May 2, 2019

    Sliding doors are considered a functional replacement of traditional ones. They allow people to optimize space and arrange their things in a creative manner. Due to their versatile nature, they are widely used in commercial and residential settings. Such installations upgrade the overall value of the property and make them visually appealing.

    If you want to make your home architecturally interesting, sliding doors are exactly what you require. They make it possible to plan open spaces more efficiently and create room for extra storage. Here are a few refreshing sliding door design ideas that will help you redecorate your home:-

    Mirror sliding doors

    Sliding doors with mirrors are great for those who want to give a modern makeover to their home. They look extremely stylish and have a unique charm. Such doors come with attractive rich finishes that give a polished look to the room. Installing mirrored sliding doors is a great way of adding a glamorous dimension to your place without burning a hole in your pocket.

    Decorative graphic sliding doors

    If you are a true art enthusiast, you will never get tired of appreciating the beauty of these doors. Decorativo sliding doors are the epitome of elegance in the domain of interior designing. These doors can complement any type of interior decor and add a graceful charm to it. These doors will give your place a striking balance of modern and contemporary architecture.

    Wood AERO sliding doors

    If you want to give a countryside barn touch to your cozy home, barn style sliding doors can prove to be of great help. They are as good as traditional ones in terms of strength, rigidity and durability. They will provide a sense of luxury and make your place look warm and inviting.

    Geometric designed sliding doors

    For those who enjoy classy and elegant decor, geometric designed sliding doors are an absolute delight. These are available in a plethora of designs and material options.

    Komandor has been supplying designer custom interior products from a considerable amount of time. If you are looking for business that supply high-quality sliding doors in Toronto, Komandor is a good way to go.