• Office Glass Divider

Social distancing glass dividers for home offices and workplaces.

clear glass sliding doors divider

Custom glass solutions for waiting rooms in dentist offices, and clinics.  Sliding clear glass doors to ensure transparency and at the same time provide separation from coworkers and visitors.



Office partition screens to separate front desk from the rest of the office space to help maintain physical distancing within a workplace setting.

floor to ceiling office screen

office glass wall


Komandor’s Aurora Partition system allows for custom sized glass panels within aluminum frame.  Floor to ceiling glass screens provide physical distancing walls within office workplace.

workplace glass seperation



glass partitions within office

office partition floor to ceiling glass wall

fixed screens with sliding glass doors

More technical details and specifications for Aurora Partition system can be found on our sister website: http://www.komandorwalls.com/en/products/Aurora


LUMI – Black framed aluminum glass fixed panels and sliding top hung doors with clear glass insert